Bronze Sculptures

These sculptures were born because of my children. I invited them to my studio, some years ago, when they were still young, to play clay with me. I have bought a semi professional clay to experiment. I have to say I like experimentations. Beside, it was a good excuse to integrate with my children. It was fun.

To summarize, when I noticed I was creating small goddesses.

I liked the new play and produced many of them along the years and decided to, one by one, enlarge them and convert them into bronze.

One example of what happened:

Grande Mãe – 4cm x 10cm x 7,5cm – original in clay and bronze

Bronze Sculptures

“Grande Māe” – 0,40m x 0,60m x 0,70m

Some of them are today in a beautiful garden…

Bronze Sculptures

“Hecate” – 1,00m x 0,60m x 0,80m

“Afrodite” – 1,00m  x 1,28m x 0,80m